Volunteer Certificate Templates

Certificate of Volunteer Service Templates for MS Word

Any certificate is an invaluable asset for a person receiving it. It is a way of recognizing the extraordinary performances of the person. Offering a certificate to someone is also a source to praise someone and motivate him for further achievements.

To appreciate someone for his remarkable achievements or any other social welfare is customary nowadays. Volunteer certificates are also in use these days to praise the priceless works of a person. Different social-work institutions offer volunteer certificates in the event of a charity dinner or any other opening ceremony to the person playing his part in that charity work. Let’s dive into further details and investigate!

What is a volunteer certificate?

Volunteers are the persons who render their valuable time for the betterment or welfare of any other person or a part of society. So, we must appreciate such people for their costly efforts. Volunteer certificates act as a source of motivation for the future.

It is a loveable way to thanks the services of a person who did not demand anything in return. So, different nonprofit institutions offer these certificates to recognize the efforts and the experience gained during the act of volunteerism.

Achieving a volunteer certificate gives you an incentive to do something more generous and great in the future.

Parts of a volunteer certificate

A certificate is a concrete and rigid testimonial of the achievements of a person. It is more valuable than some words of praise heard on the face. To make these certificates more sensational and loveable, the following are prime features that you must keep in your mind.


The name of the recipient is unforgettable. You can customize the templates of certificates according to the demands and needs. However, the recipient’s name must be charismatic. One must be able to know the details of the recipient with just a flying eye. In short, the name of the recipient must be attention-catching.

Reasons for offering

The purpose or the work in recognition of which you are offering a certificate is another primary feature. Mention the reason shortly for presenting the volunteer certificate. Make sure to be concise, clear, and coherent in mentioning the reason.

Signatures and name of the presenter

A good certificate must lock the name of the presenter. The signature and the stamp of the presenter adds to the authenticity of the certificate. Mention the name, rank, or authority of the person presenting the certificate on the right or left bottom corner. Also, place the signatures of the person. It will be easy for any unknown person to verify the certificate after looking at the presenter’s name of the person.

Final verdict

The volunteer certificates mean a lot for a person than a pat on the back. So, try to make these certificates memorable by selecting from a plethora of templates available in the market. The templates available here are professionally designed and developed, making them one of the best you will ever find! So, grab your high-quality template today!