Vertical Certificate Templates

Vertical Certificate Design Templates for MS Word

Certificates are a source of testifying the achievements and performances of peoples. This mere piece of paper guarantees the performance of a student enrolled in a course. There are a plethora of designs available depending upon the demands and needs of peoples.

Horizontal and vertical, both formats are loveable. But Vertical certificates are more suitable for some courses or programs like technical courses, vocational training programs, etc. The vertical design of the certificate has timeless matching with typical degree-related documents.

What is a Vertical Certificate?

It is a simple or ordinary certificate. The only difference exists in the page orientation.

Vertical Certificates have all the details mentioned in portrait orientation. This portrait method of presenting the information makes it look more attractive and sensational.

With vibrant colors and classical page borders, vertical certificates become a source of unconditional love and appreciation. These certificates are more similar to official result cards. Most of these contain information at the bottom and institutional details and logo at the top. Others may have a different style of representation. But the main note is that the design must be eye-catching and suitable according to your institution and curriculum.

Parts of Vertical Certificate template

A template with adorable design and catchy font style becomes an apple of the eye of every person. So, be strategic in the choice of a template for the certificate. Following are the main points that must be present in the template of the certificate:

Name of the person

The details of the person receiving the certificate must be visible and bold. You can customize the designs or templates available online by bolding the name and surname. The bold format will make it distinctive from the rest of the details.

Try to choose the dark font color for the details of the receiver. Similarly, the font style must be readable easily. Make a balance between simplicity and uniqueness.

Institutional information

The name of the institution is also a prime factor in the template of a certificate. Usually, the name and other details of the institution exist at the topmost of the template. Match the font color with the border and the rest of the design.

It is customary to use a more classical and stylish font style for the institution’s name. However, it may depend on the need and the choice of a person.

Course details

Vertical certificates are more loveable because they hold some extra space for mentioning the details for the course. The name, duration, and dates must be present at a suitable position on the certificate.

Some online or e-certificate also contain the time duration of the course on the certificate. All this information must be present after the details of the receiver.

Final thoughts

Some peoples find it very difficult to design certificates. But the availability of an online certificate template made it easy. You can easily create a lot of thoughtful and customizable designs according to your needs. Search from the boatload of online certificates template and edit them accordingly.