Travel Certificate Templates

Travel Health Certificate Templates for MS Word

A Travel certificate is the evidence of travel made at a specific price rate in every country per candidate per sector with general sales tax (GST). A travel certificate is also helpful in providing us with different procedures with compensation, GST, and LTC dues. In short, a travel certificate is a very beneficial and valuable thing, and people must know about it and its uses.


A traveling certificate may use in the following ways:


A person who has a great interest in traveling and photography and wants a professional and valuable job can use it. Or, as a photographer or a host of a show full of adventure, you may need a travel certificate for his interview. He will get a job immediately.


Many groups in different countries go on long adventure tours of many aesthetic places to explore. So if you have a travel certificate, you will get in that group and go on such trips.


A travel certificate may helpful for foreign visas and tickets and maybe compulsory to fly from your country to somewhere else. But in most countries, airlines do not demand any travel certificate.

Format of certificate

This type of certificate does not have any particular or formal format of the certificate body. But it contains candidate name, candidate name and gender, candidate home country or home address, personal phone number, the status of the person who wants that certificate, and the date on which the certificate issue to the candidate.

It also includes the institute name and authorized stamp of that institution. The signature of the coordinator and his/her name are mandatory. The reason for which the travel certificate is issuing to that person must be present. The name of the institute also increases its authenticity.

Validation of certificate:

The issued certificate will be valid only before the expiry date. So, it is present on it by the institute. The certificate will not be useable at any place if the issuing institution is not registered or the signature of the coordinate and the stamp of the institute are not present on the certificate.

Need of certificate

Travel certificates are essential for entrance to foreign countries or several U.S. states. Check the terms and conditions or rules provided by your airline company before leaving to see. It means if a certificate of that type is mandatory to board your plane. Not all airline companies demand proof for travel, but as mentioned above, the place where you want to go required such types of documents.

Does a travel certificate demand a COVID-19 Test?

A travel certificate does not want any additional health test in routines except when some institutes require an antibody test. Otherwise, a travel certificate does not need such a type of test.

But in the current situation of a pandemic due to viral infection of COVID-19 Virus. Most institutes demand a full PCR test to determine an active virus. It is to check whether the infectious disease is present in person or not. It is mandatory to fulfill the SOPs for COVID-19.