Medical Certificate Templates

Medical Certificate Formats in MS Word

It is a saying the one who covers up his diseases will not cure. Different ailments came into every person’s life, and one cannot dodge the diseases. Some of these may be mild or chronic. Peoples need time to recover and to get out of an ailment. Medical Certificates can help in getting relief from a job.

How does a medical certificate help?

Diseases, whether mild or severe, demand a break from the job. You need to take a rest for some time to recover completely. So, medical Certificates are mandatory for the application of sick leave. Employers or office owners want their workers to give them proof of their ailment.

Similarly, students also need medical Certificates to get a leave from the institution. These certificates lock the reason for missing an exam or an assignment. In this way, the students get some extra time in case of any ailment.

What to mention in a medical certificate?

A medical certificate must be informative and value providing. The employer or any school teacher will not accept it if it does not contain necessary and factual information. So, every detail mentioned in the certificate must be accurate and up-to-date according to the best of your knowledge. The following information is necessary for a meaningful certificate:

  • Name of the person suffering.
  • The date of the Issuance of the medical certificate.
  • Name, Phone,address, and contact information of the physician you are attending.
  • The date patient went to the hospital.
  • The expected date of your recovery or returning to work.
  • It must address the authority demanding the medical certificate.
  • It must contain some Symptoms of your ailment and its severity.

When to get a medical certificate?

You can get a medical certificate according to the circumstances or depending upon your need. There are two specific times when one needs this certificate:

  1. Sometimes, the patient remains on leave from his workplace or school for a specific period. If the reason for the absence is a disease, you can present a medical certificate to your employer after getting back to work. It means you can get a medical certificate after getting recovered. You can present it to your institution and let them know about the reason for your absence.
  2. The other case is that you can get a medical certificate to get leave from your workplace. In this case, the patient achieves the medical certificate while being sick and submits it in his office to get some break from the job.
How to get a medical certificate?

Whether the case is to get such a certificate on short notice is still a matter of concern. It is because sometimes the disease prevails only for a couple of days. But you want to get a one-day leave from your workplace, don’t worry about it at all.

Different online medical pharmacies or centers issue medical certificates after getting to know about your symptoms and disease. You only need to book an appointment on these certificates, and you will be able to get it within no time. providing a dozens of free printable medical certificate templates in PDF and Microsoft Word formats.