Marriage Certificate Templates

Marriage Certificate Templates for MS Word

Certificates useable by organizations, courts, banks, and academic institutions act as a coupon of affidavit for verifying participation, performance, or any other sort of pledge taken by a person. These certificates remind a person of a specific day or any other achievement.

Like all other certificates, marriage certificates are also useable in the community. The peoples going to be married pledge one another in the presence of a witness and get a marriage certificate from a court or any other registering organization.

What is a marriage certificate?

A marriage certificate is an official proof or statement issued by a government or any other civil organization that grants permission to people regarding undertaking a marriage ceremony. This official record also attests to the happening of marriage between two peoples.

Marriage certificates are routine practice in almost every type of community or culture. The peoples in different communities get a marriage certificate from several organizations. These certificates are useable and needed for a lifetime, so their design and style must be adorable.

Components of a Marriage Certificate

A marriage certificate acts as a license offered officially from the government of an area. So, it just comes with distinct features that enhance the reliability of this document. Following are the main components of a marriage certificate that adorns a reputable certificate:

Photographs of the persons

The marriage certificates look beautiful with an eye-catching photograph. The photographs of the peoples getting married must hold a good position on the certificate. The viewable photographs are necessary because it ensures the credibility of the peoples. Moreover, the reliability of the person going to be married also increases due to the peoples' photographs.

Name of the persons

The names of the newlywed couple must be present under the photographs of the persons. The names of the persons with their exact identity card numbers are necessary for the authenticity of the peoples.


The issuance date on which the marriage certificate generates must be in the certificate. The order of the day, month, and year in a date adds to the authenticity. Moreover, it also depicts the time when a marriage ceremony has held among two peoples. The issuance date is not neglectable in a marriage certificate.


The registrar's signature or any authoritative person helps verify that the marriage ceremony occurred in the presence of a witness. Moreover, it adds to the authenticity of the marriage certificate.

The signature with the proper Name of the person adorns the certificate and makes it legitimate. The stamp of the registering institution also adds to the authenticity of the certificate.

Benefits of using a Marriage certificate

A marriage certificate brings a lot of benefits. Some of them are as:

  • A marriage certificate acts as official proof of the marriage ceremony. So, it verifies that two-person have gone through a marriage. The marriage certificate helps to testify the two persons as a spouse.
  • The certificates are useable as coupons or affidavits somewhere to claim the share in the property or anything else.

A lot of free printable marriage certificate templates can be found at in PDF and Microsoft Word Formats.