12+ Marketing Certificate Templates & Examples

Certificates are by and large used to reward those people who show exceptional performance in the domain they are supposed to work. These people outperform others and therefore, deserve a certificate of appreciation. Similarly, if you have hired someone to market your business and have found that they have really done it so well that your business's sales have boosts significantly, just give them a marketing certificate. This certificate is proof that the person who has earned it has exceptional marketing skills.  

What is a marketing certificate?

A marketing certificate is a kind of appreciation certificate which is awarded to those marketers who do their marketing job so diligently and deserve to be acknowledged. All those people who work hard expect that their efforts will never go unnoticed. The employer must let his employees feel that he has seen their efforts. For this purpose, the employer should pay attention to each and every department of the company. 

What is a marketing certificate template?

This template is used as a tool to get a ready-made and professional-looking marketing certificate. Whether you want to issue a certificate to someone who works in the field of digital marketing or someone expert in the area of conventional marketing, you can always use a template for this purpose. 
There are many templates available on different websites that can be used to create certificates for marketers of any type. Some of these templates can be used as a hybrid tool which makes it a convenient means to be used in any situation. 

Customizable Digital Marketing Training Certificate for MS Word

Available Formats:
Available Formats:

Professional Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing Templates

Available Formats:
Available Formats:

Printable Hospitality Digital Marketing Certificate

If you want to award a certificate to someone in the hospitality industry, just use the following template build in MS word, PDF, Illustrator and photoshop formats. It's a ready-made certificate. You just need to fill in the person's information to be awarded, including the award date and your company name. Download this beautifully designed template of Certificate in Hospitality Marketing here.

Available Formats:
Available Formats:

What are the benefits of a marketing certificate template?

The use of marketing certificate template has become prevalent because of many reasons. We are going to mention some of the key advantages that entice every person who needs to get a certificate. 
  1. When an employer wants to award a marketing certificate to someone, he makes use of the template, and the certificate is readily available to be awarded.
  2. Those who don't know how to decide on a perfect looking certificate can take the aid of the template. The format of the template is best to be followed while designing the marketing certificate.
  3. People who want to create a marketing certificate can use the template to create one. The format and design of the certificate will never let anyone know that you have created it yourself.
  4. The recipient of the certificate feels encouraged and motivated and tries to show even better performance in future.
  5. The template provides a certificate that can develop and promote the environment of competition in the company. This way, everyone tries to outperform others to earn a marketing certificate.   

Editable MS Word Social Media Marketing Certificate

Anyone can create a stunning certificate that will fascinate the candidate it is intended for with the help of the following Social Media Marketing Certificate Template. Available in multiple formats like MS Word, PDF, Illustrator and Photoshop. This certificate is an excellent fit for completion of a social media marketing course or award for recognition.

Available Formats:
Available Formats:

Content Marketing Certificate Templates

Using the following printable Content Marketing Certificate Template, you can prepare a top-quality certificate in minutes. You just need to download this ready to use certificate template and enter the receiver's name of the certificate, logo, and company name.

Available Formats:
Available Formats:

Search Engine Marketing Certificate Templates

When you want to create a Search Engine Marketing Certificate, you can use the following straightforward pritnable template. It makes your work a lot easier. You have a professional certificate ready in minutes by entering your information.

Available Formats:
Available Formats:

Things to be included in the marketing certificate:

Basic components of the certificate are:
  1. Name of the company issuing the certificate 
  2. Name of the marketing strategy the recipient has shown expertise in 
  3. Name of the recipient 
  4. A statement of encouragement 
  5. Date of issuance of the certificate
  6. Signatures of the owner of the company