How to Make an Appreciation Certificate?

Most times, an appreciation certificate only comprises a single piece of paper. So, many people consider it an easy job. After all, how much time and effort would such a precise document require?

But that's where most of us are wrong. Even though step-by-step guides like these can help you reduce the required input of time and effort substantially, but these guides cannot eradicate the requirement.

That's because appreciation requires thought. And thought takes time. Learn more about this in step one of crafting an appreciation certificate.

Step 1: Compose Your Thoughts

Firstly, think of your audience. Who is it that you wish to express your gratitude to, and why?

Once you have your answers, think of the best possible way of appreciating that person. Certainly, if you wish to appreciate your mother for her support, you will not award her with an appreciation certificate. Instead, you will opt for a gift.

Similarly, before you settle on crafting an appreciation certificate, question yourself whether you're doing the right thing or not.

Step 2: Writing

Once decided, you will begin the writing process. You can make a draft of MS Word, Google Docs, Notepad, or any other similar application. You can even note it down on a paper draft pad.

The total number of words on your document should ideally remain between 50-70. And you should break them down accordingly.

Start with addressing the main essence of the certificate that is gratitude. For example;

hereby express my sincerest gratitude and appreciation for their dedicated contributions.

Or, you can state that who do you want to award this certificate to, for example,

We/I/(Name of Institution) awards this certificate of appreciation.

Next, you should insert the name of the deserving candidate. Lastly, end it with complete recognition details. These should include:

  • Skills, Services, Contributions, or Favors
  • Date of awarding the certificate
  • How their performance resulted in a better outcome or output


Make sure you write it in short and simple phrases. The following set of words may help you easily craft your sentence about the deserving candidate:

  • Outstanding
  • Dedication
  • Selfless dedication
  • Excellence
  • Diligence
  • Duty
  • Efforts
  • Inspiration
  • Commitment
  • Support

Step 3: Formatting

For formatting, you will have to shift your draft to an online formatting tool, like MS word. In this, you will arrange your sentence in the way you want it to appear on the certificate.

The following is the common, standard matter:

  • Name of the Institution, Organization, or Individual who presents the certificate
  • Name of Certificate, i.e., Appreciation Certificate
  • Finalized Draft Material (Inclusive of Recipient's name)
  • Dates
  • Signature and Title


Space out every section of the certificate evenly and appropriately. Choose a font that suits your tone. You may not like a cursive on Military appreciation certificate in comparison to a bold and clear one. So, pick the virtual ink wisely. It depicts a lot. You may sign the document using tools. Or keep it for later. Continue reading to learn about manual signing off for appreciation certificates.

Finishing Off

You've formulated and formatted your appreciation certificate. But something about it still seems raw. Doesn't it?

Well, surely it will because you've missed out on designing! Only the designing of the certificate appropriately gives its final look. You should add in the right colors and right edges or borders to make it look formal, warm, and encouraging rather than a clumsy mess of words.

Next, you can print it out. One of the many printing essentials is the selection of the right texture for printing. A campus head's appreciation letter on a simple A4 size paper will not seem as glorious as on the shiny or glossy printing paper.

Also, if you have abundant copies, it's best to sign on the soft copy so that all the printed copies come out with the signature. However, if it's a single copy or you want to cross or manually check the printings, you can sign it by hand. It's best to go with black, non-slippery ink. Sign off in the blank space at the end of the certificate and practice a little before the final sign.


All in all, you have learned everything about the Appreciation Certificate, it is better to make the most out of it. Certainly, appreciating the right candidate using certificates can bring about more positive effects than you can anticipate. The candidate will not merely feel encouraged and motivated but will also help in maintaining a healthy work environment. Moreover, the usage of the certificate template can yield benefits for you. Select your preferable appreciation certificate now and bring positivity into lives. Well, the next time you see an employee working painstakingly, think twice before ignoring and passing by!

Sample Appreciation Certificate Formats in MS Word