How to make a Completion Certificate?

Although there is an array of templates available on online sites, you can make completion certificates too. Well, here is a thorough breakdown of steps you must follow while drafting a completion certificate.

Step1: Gather your resources

Before you get down to work, select the mode, whether you'll like to make it by hand or on software. It is better to go with software like Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Then, collect the necessary information, such as the organization and recipient details.

Step 2: Plan yourself

Once you have gathered everything, plan your certificate. Decide what should be the title, and where should you place it? The question of whether the layout of the certificate would be vertical or horizontal? Which size would you like to work on? The planning process would help you clear your confusion, and the end product is likely to be better.

Step 3: Content

After planning, write your content on a separate piece of paper or word document. Write the title, headings, presentation line, description, and all the other content. Try to keep your write-up creative and engaging. Also, ensure that there are no grammatical errors.

Step 4: Designing

Similar to content, the designing of the completion certificate matters a lot too. The certificate would look presentable with adequate designing. You can do so by adding stylized borders. For example, on a plain white sheet, you can add shiny golden narrow borders. You can decide on different color contrasts. Also, you can design by using different fonts in writing. Although it is better to keep your completion certificate minimalistic, some designing would add a bit of charm.

Step 5: Recheck

After you have completed the certificate, recheck it, and get it checked by someone experienced.

Tips to Keep in Mind!

Although the components and procedure mentioned above will give you an idea of what the Completion Certificate should look like, it may not give you an idea of what elements will make your certificate stand out of all the others. The usage and incorporation of a few tips will make your completion certificate a complete success.

These include:

Using a persuasive appreciation tone

Persuasion may not seem to fit with appreciation. But it certainly counts. You cannot state how a person served you with, in a dull tone. That will not give the completion certificate, its life. Instead, if you add a bit cheery and persuasive tone, you'd be able to boost and appreciate the candidate far more effectively.

Avoid Cluttering

Some authorities commit an unforgivable blunder of placing everything that they can in the completion certificate. Certainly, it's great to add an appreciation sentence or lists of services that the individual provided. But if it's crowding your page, then you should keep your display data minimalistic.

If you opt for prepared Completion Certificate, then pick your document wisely. Not every prepared certificate delivers a good, evenly-spaced look.

Spelling Correctly

Most times, the high spirits of certificate ceremonies get destroyed because of minor errors, such as incorrect spelling of the name. Receiving a certificate with an incorrectly spelled name can sour the recipient's mood and devalue your efforts. Thus make sure you get the name of the recipient of the certificate correctly. If you have any doubts, ask them to spell it out for you. Or verify it with any of the available legal documents.

Best Completion Certificate Templates for MS Word

Exit Exam Completion Certificate format
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Download Dental Assistant Certificate of Completion design
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Exclusive Academic Completion Certificate Sample
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Editable Academic Completion Certificate Sample
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Formal Academic Completion Certificate Format
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Generic Competition Completion Certificate Template
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Printable Competition Completion Certificate Template
Available Formats:
Standard Competition Completion Certificate Design
Available Formats:


Learning about completion certificate sets new gears of progress in motion. It elevates the chances of accuracy and makes your approach far more targeted. How? Well, that's because, when you know everything essential about the Completion Certificate, you can assess and create one easily. You need not hesitate or doubt your assessment now. Good luck!