How to Formulate a Certificate of Training?

Although there is an assortment of training certificate templates available online, you can opt for making one yourself too. It is better to start with the basic structure and then discuss advanced topics like designing and content creation.

1: Know what to include

Similar to other documents, the certificate of training has a title and optional headings. The title must be short and precise as the primary purpose is to give the reader a glimpse into the context. If you want to add more content to the document, you can include some headings.

Then, the certificate must have a presentation line. The presentation line refers to the main introductory statement after the title. It can be creative and engaging as per your desires.

Next, you must write a brief description mentioning the recipients and authority details. The authority is the one issuing the training certificate, whereas the recipient is the one receiving the certificate. In detail, you may include full names, age, address, and contact sources.

In the description, write the reason behind certification that is training and tell what the training was about and how much the candidate excelled.

Lastly, you must sign off the certificate and mention the date. In signing off, you may sign, write name, or stamp as per convenience.

2: Gather resources and draft

Now, you know the content you will put in the training certificate. Start preparing the certificate by deciding whether you will make it by hand or on software. It is better to go with software, like Microsoft Word, and then print the certificate. Once you have the required resources, draft out the training certificate. Ensure that you're content is free of grammatical errors and easy to read.

3: Designing

In designing, you can add a few decent borders for a start. Then, use different font sizes and styles to customize the look. You can also add a few graphics and pictures.

Awarding the Training Certificate

Once the training session gets completed, the authorities must encourage the participants. They should not only encourage but also acknowledge their presence and honor them.

Perhaps, the best strategy towards that is to award the individuals with training certificates. At least that's what the universal practice suggests.

The training certificate is a document that declares that you have completed a particular course over a certain time. It contains your name, authority's signature and stamp, duration of the training session, and institute's name. Learn more about the components of the training certificate in the later section of this article.

It signifies that the individual has taken a particular course and is now eligible to practice in that field or guide to relevant people.

Also, it serves as a record for the trained individual as he can proudly present it wherever needed.

The ways of awarding the certificate are numerous. The authorities can deliver it formally at the end of the course in a ceremony or hand it over individually. Although there is no evidence indicating which of the two methods has more significant benefit, by practice, we can say that formally awarding the certificates yields better results.

From students perspective:

  • Boosts confidence
  • Allows socializing and exploring new opportunities
  • Gives a reference for building portfolio
  • Encourages for future participation

From the teacher or institution's perspective:

  • Sets a good example
  • Contributes to a good reputation
  • Brings more students for the next session
  • Elevates Quality standards

Certificate of Training Examples for MS Word