Gift Certificate Templates

Gift Certificate Templates for MS Word

Besides, to use as an academic testimonial, Certificates are also in daily use while presenting a gift to someone. You might experience that a book or goods bought from any online website come with a gift certificate.

Sometimes the gifts won from online giveaway or sweepstakes also holds a gift certificate. So, these gift certificate adorned with elegant designs and exquisite colors acts as a source of pride for someone as well as proof of someone’s idolatry or favor. The higher authorities or political personal often offer overtures with someone by presenting a gift along with a gift certificate.

What is a gift certificate?

A gift certificate is some type of wishing card that is useable by a presenter along with a gift. These certificates act as a good luck charm and help someone to show his true wishes for someone.

Whether it is a marketing certificate, gift certificate, or academic certificate, it always reminds a person of a memorable day or an outstanding achievement. Gift certificates are in daily use nowadays by both online platforms as well as physical organizations.

So, before discussing the components or parts of an adorable gift certificate, let’s have a look at benefits achievable through their use.

Benefits of using Gift Certificate

Gift certificates along with other types of Certificates hold meaningful importance. It is absurd to say that these certificates did not bring any advantage. Here are some of the appreciable benefits of these certificates:

  • Gift certificates are a source of developing or building a brand image. A gift certificate having an exceptional outlook and presentable design helps to leave a deep impression on anyone. So, these Certificates must be useable in common.
  • As we know gifts or presents won from any place may get wear and tear often sometimes. So, a gift certificate always acts as proof of testimonial for a lifetime. One can attest to his achievement at any time by showing his gift certificate.
  • Different organizations also present a gift certificate while offering any scholarship to students. So, a gift certificate received from a reputable organization increases the self-worth of a person and compels him to love that particular organization with greater sensitivity.

Components of the Gift certificate

A Certificate packed with decency and premium design must lock up these components. These parts must be present or crosschecked in any template:


The name of the person to whom you are offering must be present at the center of the certificate. The font size must be extra-large. A catchy name style adds to the elegance of the certificate.

Organizational Details

The details of the organization offering the gift certificate must be present at the top of the certificate. Differentiating colors and font styles helps to increase the prominence of the name.

Issuance date

The date of issuance must hold a good place on the template of a gift certificate. All in all, a gift certificate accommodating these components will be best for your organization. Check out all the high-quality Gift Certificate templates today!

Here you can find dozens of free printable gift certificate templates in MS Word and PDF Formats.