FREE 35+ Certificate of Excellence Templates

As school-going children, all of us loved the golden stars on the mid-session report card. Everyone got one in their area of expertise. And perhaps, these tiny stickers distinguished us from the rest in our way. It motivated us to strive for excellence.

And that when we finally received the award of excellence by the end of the class, it felt like the world was ours. As if you've conquered yet another milestone in your growth. Such is the significance of the certificate of excellence. It has played a significant role in our lives since the very beginning. Even today, we cannot deny its importance in the various stages of life. It maintains its firm and powerful stance and impact in our academics, work, and even extra-curricular.

Today, in this article, we aim to learn more about the elemental knowledge of this certificate, have a look at sample certificate of excellence & templates to download, and also learn how to craft one.

Certificate of Excellence Templates for MS Word

The Two W's

Before jumping onto more advance subjects like making, let us first understand the concept of the certificate of excellence. Here are the three W's that all of us must comprehend before proceeding onwards. Dive in!

What is a Sample Certificate of Excellence?

A Sample Certificate of Excellence is a document awarded to a person for outstanding performance. An authority may award the certificate of excellence to a candidate for multiple reasons. A student may get one based on the highest marks or on being the best player in the sports. An employee may get one for bringing the most business to the company. Hence, there are multiple reasons and occasions where one may receive a certificate of excellence. There is no age restriction or limitation on receiving the certificate. Please note that the certificate of appreciation is different from the certificate of excellence.

Why is there a need?

It is logical to question the need for awarding a certificate of excellence to another person. Well, there is a magnitude of reasons why the usage of certificates of excellence must not seize.

Authority's Viewpoint

If you are the one awarding the certificate, then you are the authority. Whether you are an authority of an academic institute or an office, by awarding the certificate, you raise the morale of those under you. Also, the certificates increase the motivation of others to work better. Hence, improving the overall quality of the institute.

Recipient's Viewpoint

A recipient is a person who receives the certificate. The certificate is evidence of your outstanding performance and skills. You can always back your claims with this evidence. Also, the certificate of excellence encourages one to perform better. It boosts one with self-confidence. A self-confident person has better chances to excel in new fields and avail opportunities.