Components & Contents of a Completion Certificate

Nowadays, the completion certificates hold immense significance, which is why you’ll find several online sites offering free as well as paid templates. Either you are using one of these templates or making one yourself, it is essential to understand the components of a completion certificate and its importance. By knowing about these features, you can assess the quality of a template easily. Also, with knowledge, there are meager chances of getting confused between an array of templates and getting confused. Hence, we have done the information digging for you and compiled a great list of completion certificate components. Read more!

Headings & Title

The document title is the first thing a person notices, which is why it should introduce the content precisely. A title should indicate the purpose of the document in a single go. In the case of the completion certificate, the title can be a Certificate of Completion or Completion Certificate for (Program Name). If you plan to make a detailed certificate, then you can add a few headings too. However, it is very rare to use headings.

Presentation Line

The presentation line refers to the statement introducing the context in the document to the reader. It is an opening line and can be creative.

Organization Details

By organization details, we refer to the authority that will issue the completion certificate. Certainly, anyone cannot issue a certificate without having some degree of authority in the relevant field. Hence, it is important to mention the details of the organization, institute, or individual. These details include the full name, office address, and contact sources.

Recipient’s Details

The recipient is anyone that will receive the completion certificate by providing the person’s details, the authenticity of the certificate increases. With all the details present, there will be little doubt left in the document for verification. These details may include the full name, age, and contact sources.


In the description, you’ll write a brief paragraph explaining why the person has received the completion certificate. One must state the reason clearly and precisely. It is also better to mention the date of the program completion and the date of certificate receiving.


The signature makes the completion certificate official. It shows that the authorities have approved, and there is no doubt about its authenticity.

Certificate of Completion Samples in Microsoft Word