Components & Content of an Appreciation Certificate

At a glance, the appreciation certificate might appear just like any other certificate. However, it possesses some special components that set it apart from other certificates.

It is utmost important for a user to understand these components and their significance. But why?

Firstly, you need to understand these features because it will help you make an appreciation certificate yourself.

Secondly, nowadays, a lot of online template sites have sprouted up that offer a variation of appreciation certificates. Without knowledge, you will get confused very easily and may end up using the wrong type. Hence, decreasing the purpose of the appreciation certificate template.

To make things easier, we have done the information digging, studied resources, and compiled all the generalized essential components in one place. Dive in!

Content Elements

As far as one can remember, the content has always remained the most important factor of any document. After all, content is the essence of the document. It conveys all the information and data. However, when talking about the content of an appreciation certificate, one needs to be specific and precise. Here are the elements you should take care of when writing:


It may appear to be a very simple element, but it is very significant. On an appreciation certificate, the title should be on the very top center. As the title must indicate the purpose of the document as precisely and possible, it is appropriate to state Certificate of Appreciation or Appreciation Certificate. Keep your title in big and bold writing.

Presentation Line

The presentation line refers to the very first statement on an appreciation certificate. The purpose of the statement is to introduce the reader to the upcoming context. One can be creative about the presentation line.

Recipient Details

The recipient is the one to whom the certificate will address. As the certificate gets dedicated to that person, it is very important to include his/her details. One must mention the recipient?s full name to avoid any type of fabrication.

Main Body

The main body is the brief paragraph explaining why the recipient got credited with an appreciation certificate. State the reason most clearly.

Signing Off

At the end of the appreciation certificate, you need to sign off. The signing off officially indicates the end of the document. Leave the signature line below the name.

Graphical Elements

The graphical elements refer to the designing and outlining the appreciation certificate to augment the overall appearance. Certainly, if you?ll just write the contents on the piece of paper, and then present, it would not look as nice as it should be. Here are some things you should consider:


By bordering a document, you enclose the information in a visually-pleasing manner. There are different styles of borders you can select from and augment the looks of the appreciation certificate.

Logo and Seal

The company issuing the appreciation certificate must put a logo or seal. It helps in verification and makes the document official.


Have you seen the fill-in-the-blanks sheets? Well, if you are creating appreciation certificates in bulk and are not sure about every recipient, then you can leave fill-in-the-blank lines.

Sample MS Word Appreciation Certificates

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