Completion Certificate Examples and Templates

In today's 21st century, people no longer walk up to an individual or institute claiming their degrees and capabilities. Apart from the trust issues, people have set up a much-complicated system where one has to back up their claims with evidence. Well, here is a little scenario of how things would go if you walked up into an office for a photographer job post.

' I also possess expertise in fashion photography.'

'Oh. Wonderful, but I do not see any certificate of completion in the documents you submitted.'

'Well, the institute never gave one.'

'Oh, then I am sorry, but I can't count your skill here.'

Although you'll possess the relevant skills, you need to present evidence from a reputable authority. In the case of training, education, and courses, you should receive a completion certificate to back your claims. Nobody has the time to assess your skills in this complex urbanized world.

Completion Certificate Examples for MS Word

Getting to know Completion Certificates

As the name suggests, a completion certificate refers to a certificate awarded to an individual once he completes a specific task, curriculum, job, project, or any other similar practice. For example, if a student completes his school years. School management awards him a completion certificate in his graduation. Or let's say, if a girl volunteers as an intern, she will receive a completion certificate by the end of the program.

These certificates prove your experience of that particular task and make you eligible to pursue the field further, guide about, and learn further about it. Learn more about the benefits of this certificate in the later section of the article. However, in the field of construction, the completion certificate has an entirely different meaning. The relevant authorities award or grant this certificate to the developer or owner of the property once completed. The purpose of awarding this certificate is to ensure that the property fulfils basic construction standards and has a supply to water, drainage system, and electricity if required.

In a way, it falls into the generic definition of a completion certificate. However, it also stands on its own as a different type of certification. So when you're looking for a completion certificate or investigating it even, conduct complete research according to your specific requirements.