Certificate of Training Templates

Training Certificate Templates for MS Word

Almost all government-accredited institutions offer these certificates on the successful completion of any program. The independent organizations also give such types of Certificates to make their members feel proud. A certificate of training or a training certificate is also called an award certificate. These certificates can be both formal or informal. For instance, one lighthearted certificate of training is the Dog certificate.

Basics of Certificates of Training

A certificate of training is an official or unofficial document presentable to a person. Organizations offer on successful accomplishments of any courses. The esteem of such Certificates is the same as a professional degree or result card. These certificates help build the career of a person.

It is because such certificates are more valuable than educational achievements in many industries. It is because these certificates are proof of experience in addition to knowledge.

Different reputable organizations appoint the candidates having certain types of training certificates in their relevant field. A great sense of credibility about the skills of a person depends on such professional training certificates. CVs and resumes become more valuable and meaningful with these certificates attached.

Difference between Certificates of training and training Certifications

  • A certification is presentable after the proper assessment of the students—the government-oriented institutions. One person gets a Certification after the completion of the course or official degree. First of all, the users pass through a test or assessment activity and then receive the certification. An institution needs official permission or authority for issuing certifications to peoples.
  • However, a certificate of training issuance is independent of official permission. Certificates are issuable even by non-registered organizations. Sometimes, a training certificate offered in regards to certification. No matters what the usage or need is. You can use free printable training certificate samples available here in Microsoft Word and PDF formats for almost every certificate of training.

Parts of a training certificate

These certificates are usually useable for the acknowledgement of the achievements of a person. You can also use this training certificate for the encouragement of a person doing remarkable works. But this certificate of training brings value if it features proper design. Following are the essential feature or parts of a training certificate:

  • Name of the candidate
    The recipient’s name is non-negotiable. Mention it in a very unique and appealing way to make it more prominent. You can write the name along with mentioning the position, class, or rank of that person.
  • The name of the institute
    It is also another essential feature. The name of the institute matters a lot. It is because it increases the authenticity of a certificate and makes it more reliable. The logo and any other trademark of the organization bring more value to it.
  • Signatures and Name of Authority
    Do not forget to mention the name, rank, status, or position of the related person. The signature of the coordinator of a program testifies the presence and performance of the students. It also brings more engagement for a viewer.

A training certificate with all the above features helps the users and receivers enjoy a lot of perks.