Certificate of Completion Templates

Certificate of Completion Templates for MS Word

A certificate of completion performs the same function as a certificate of achievement or certificate of accomplishment. It can be formal if a government-, oriented institution issues it. Similarly, it can be informal in case of an online website issue it.

A certificate of completion is also useable online in the form of an e-document. It is because different online websites award these certificates to their learners. So, it has a dual usage.

Significance of certificate of completion

Completion of a degree program or the accomplishment of a certain rank is the most memorable day. But the pleasure and happiness and of completion of difficult phase intensify due to a certificate of completion. Peoples love to get such certificates to let know their near and dear ones about their revolutionary success.

A certificate of completion means a lot for a person passing one rank or class. It is because he passes through one struggling phase of his life and ultimately pursues his dream. All these perks added more value to the importance of a certificate of completion.

Why use a certificate of completion?

A certificate of completion can serve an institute or a nonprofit organization in several ways. It is also valuable for an e-learning platform. Similarly, business-oriented organizations can also use such types of Certificates for the promotion of their business. Let’s look at the key benefits of using these certificates:

  • An eLearning website can award these certificates on the successful completion of one module of the course. They can also issue it on the completion of the complete learning program.
  • An organization related to business owes to such types of certificates due to their more engaging attribute. Different network marketing Organizations offer their clients the completion of one rank or achievement of a specific grade.
  • A vocational training program always comes with a certificate of completion at the end. When a student finishes a practical course, he always gets such a certificate from the relevant organization.
  • Different international level games also issue their certificate of completion to the players on achieving a milestone of success.
  • Nonprofit organizations can also use these certificates to engage their potential clients continuously.

In short, such Certificates of completion are of great value and bring benefits to every profit or nonprofit organization.

How to design a Certificate of completion?

The free availability of printable completion certificate templates in Microsoft Word and PDF formats here diminishes the problem of designing. Anyone can access these certificates’ templates at any time. You only need to view a template, Download it, alter it according to your conditions and print. Different formats are available for downloading a completion certificate template. You can save it on your PC in the form of PNG, JPEG, PDF, or MS Word format.

All the things are controllable and customizable. Another benefit of these templates is that you get all the things arranged. You don’t need to look for the essential features of a certificate. All the necessary information from Designing is already present on the template. The designer only needs to tailor it accordingly.