Birthday Certificate Templates

Birthday Certificate Templates for MS Word

Birthdays are the most memorable occasions for someone. It matters a lot for you if the birthday of your loved ones is near. You want to create a feeling of speciality and delightfulness. It not only makes that person happy but also creates an unforgettable memory for him. It is because the gifts may get used or lost. But a birthday person will always have a birthday certificate with him. It will remind him of your love and care.

Birthday Certificates are a great way to celebrate the special days of your near and dear ones.

What is a birthday Certificate?

A birthday Certificate is a document offer able to a birthday person. You can present it to your friend along with the gift or not.

A Certificate given on a birthday is one of the valuable certificates these days because It looks more decent to offer a birthday Certificate along with a present to someone.

The more startling thing about these birthday Certificates is that you can also present them to your formal and official colleagues. It looks odd to give a birthday card to some higher authority or your boss. But the matter is not the same in the case of a birthday Certificate.

You can present it to anyone personally in the form of a surprise. It is also presentable in an official or informal gathering. All this depicts the value attached with a birthday Certificate.

How to get a full-fledged birthday Certificate?

After deciding about awarding a birthday certificate, you may worry about how to design. It is a matter of consideration. It will be very costly to go to a graphics designer to get such a certificate.

If you don’t have information on how to get a birthday Certificate, you don’t need to bother over it. It is because the opportunities of printable birthday Certificate templates are available here. You can design any certificate depending upon your need using a vast collection of certificates at

A lot of printable samples for birthday Certificates are available here in Microsoft Word and PDF formats that only need to be rephrased. You can download them and customize the details according to your need. It not only saves your time but also looks more stunning. It also prevents you from any extra and tiring effort of designing and creating.

What to add in a birthday Certificate?

A birthday Certificate can bring you a lot of perks if it locks the proper design. However, it can also ruin the mood of a person if there is any mistake in it. So, you must be very strategic and conscious in creating such certificates.

Choose the theme matching the choices of the birthday person. You can investigate it by asking the person indirectly. Type the name of the birthday person by selecting a classical and stylish font. There is a diversity of fonts available. You can also tailor a birthday certificate to add some heartily wishes and prays to it. Also, please type your name on the birthday Certificate as it reminds the birthday person about you.