Birth Certificate Formats

Birth Certificate Templates For MS Word

Birth certificates are the most useable type of Certificates. These are common in almost every region. Most foreign travellers need a birth certificate for moving to another country. It means it is an essential document that you need to relocate from one place to another.

What is a birth certificate?

A birth certificate is a formal document locking all the necessary information regarding the birth of a person. The details related to birthplace, birth date, birth district, state are all present on such Certificates. It also carries information about the father and mother of the newly born child.

It testifies about the birth of a newly born child and is an official recognition of a new born baby by a state. According to the magistracy, it also needs the verification or authorization of a doctor or nurse. But this demand may vary depending upon the conditions.

Parts of a valid birth certificate

A birth certificate became an essential part of the verification processes in the whole world. A union council or a relevant Organization issues such Certificates to the parents of the child. However, they never lose their importance all over the life of the owner. It locks all the information up to the maximum extent. Following are the necessary features of a birth certificate that must be present on it.

a. Name of the child

It contains the name of the person as suggested by the parents at the time of birth. The parents register their child with a specific official name in the UC. So, don’t forget to design a place for mentioning the name of the person.

b. Parental Details

The details of both parents are also mandatory. The parental information includes the names, CNIC numbers of both parents. It also mentions the dates of births of both parents.

c. Birthdate

The date on which a child is born is another non-negotiable feature. The vital purpose of such a certificate is to keep a record of the date of birth. These records help in further statistical analysis of birth rates of the state in a specific year.

d. Gender

A birth certificate also mentions the gender of the child. It includes gender to determine the ratios of boys and girls in a country.

e. Signatures

The signatures of a relevant Authority issuing the Certificates bear all the importance. It testifies the birth of a child in any district, state, or province. So, the signatures increase the validity of the certificate and make it more authentic.

f. Details of Union council

The relevant details of the union council, city, or district verifying and issuing a certificate are also necessary. The Union council number and proper address must be present on the birth certificate. Some modified systems now work by verifying the broth certificate using a barcode. A barcode appears on the certificate and makes it easy for everyone to testify it.

Final terms

The final verdict is that a birth certificate matters a lot for any person. Design it with the utmost care because any negligence in this certificate can cause trouble for both persons. At this website you can find a lot of Free printable birth certificate templates in PDF and Microsoft Word Formats.