Adoption Certificate Templates

Adoption Certificate Templates in MS Word

Adoption is a procedure by which the parenting of a child moves to someone else. These peoples are other than his/her biological parents. At times it is possible that married couples can not have any child. For this reason, they desire to adopt a child.

Some children may be newborns or youngsters who lost their parents due to several reasons. Death is a universal truth. Everyone has to die now or then. These youngsters may grow in the kids center or near their siblings.

Most of the couples that desire to adopt a child prefer such children. In rare cases, it has been that biological parents himself granted child custody and all responsibilities to the interested person. The adoption certificate is a legal document that proves all the responsibilities of that child are on the person who adopted it.

This certificate does not resemble any award document. Instead, it is a legal paper provided to a child adopted by a parent. It works as the identity of a child and occasionally replaceable by a birth certificate. In agreement with it, the care and security of the adopted child is the dependability of that new parent.

Elements of Adoption certificates

Elements refer to the terms or details that should be present on the paper. These are as follows.

  • Name of an adopted child
  • Date of Birth
  • Name of the individual who is accepting the child. That can be a couple, a single parent (mother/father), or someone else.
  • Name of homage or orphanage from where the youngster is adopted.
  • Registration District or state name
  • Date of issuance of the certificate
  • Rules applied or promised taken for the security of the child.
  • Name of head or caretaker of the child before adoption
  • Signature of guardians and foster father or mother

The above-given terms are obligatory in an adoption certificate. First of all, due to the security and safety of the child, these are essential. Secondly, any claim in the coming years can trouble the foster parents but create complexities for your child.

How adoption processes occur?

The adoption process is a somehow thoughtful and sensitive matter that takes several steps for completion. Every procedure should be proper to stay away from any dilemma in the future.

First of all, look for an orphanage or homage from where you can adopt the baby. Then fill the report given by the orphanage or get a legal document from the court that has complete information related to guardianship and other rules and regulations.

If the child is not growing in reasonable surroundings or guardians are not looking after well, then the baby will go back to previous guardians.

How adoption certificate differs from a birth certificate?

An adoption certificate is a second birth certificate which is beneficial as a birth certificate for all legal purposes. In the birth certificate name of biological parents is mentioned. Conversely, the guardian name or foster father, mother, or both names is also mandatory.

Sample for an adoption certificate

If you do not comprehend the information about adoption, You can search samples on this site. Printable adoption certificate templates are available here in PDF and Microsoft Word format. These templates can also help you for knowing the proper format.