12+ Official Birth Certificate Templates & Examples

What is a birth certificate?

The birth certificate is proof of your entire existence. This certificate is a piece of document that is issued to the parents of the newly born baby. In other words, this certificate is essential because it documents the birth of the child. The entire existence of the child depends on the birth certificate, and based on this certificate, the child is identified in the world.

Importance of birth certificate:

Almost in every part of the world, a birth certificate is used. This certificate is not used only for registering the child. Instead, it is used to ensure that the child has been given his fundamental human rights. Every human has some human rights that he gets after having his birth documented. The child gets the protection rights, social services rights provided by the states, and many other benefits after getting the birth certificate.
Owing to all these reasons mentioned above, every state has made it compulsory for every child to have a birth certificate. Lots of other documents of the child are then created based on the birth certificate, such as passport, ID card, etc.


What is a BIRTH Certificate & Importance of BIRTH Certificate

This video covers the following chapters

- An Intro
- What is a Birth Certificate?
- Importance of Birth Certificate
- Baby Boy Official Birth Certificate
- Baby Girl Official Birth Certificate
- Using official Birth Certificate Templates
- Professional Pet Birth Certificate
- Cute Birth Certificate for Rabbit Bunny
- What Information is provided in the birth certificate?

Printable Baby Boy Official Birth Certificate in PDF

Available Formats:
Available Formats:

Editable Baby Girl Official Birth Certificate for MS Word

Available Formats:
Available Formats:

Official Blank Birth Certificate Sample MS Word Format

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Available Formats:

Using official birth certificate templates:

There is a special body in every country of the world that is responsible for issuing a birth certificate to children born in their respective states. Every individual who has been issued this certificate is required to keep it with him always so that he can be identified at the workplace, in school, etc.
There are many situations when people lose their birth certificate or sometimes, they visit some places where they forget to their certificate of birth along. In such situations, people can create a birth certificate on an ad-hoc basis.

Some people find it challenging to create and design a birth certificate for themselves or their children. Such people are recommended to use the official birth certificate template.

Using the official birth certificate template assures the user that he will get a certificate that ultimately looks as though it has been issued by authentic officials. Whether you need a birth certificate for your baby girl or boy, it is very convenient and comfortable to use the template and get the certificate in no time.

The user is required to do some editing in the template to add his details to it and then print it. Templates in different designs and formats are available so that a vast variety of people?s preferences and needs can be accommodated.
It is important to note that the official birth certificate template shoulds never be used to create the birth certificate when it is to be submitted to state offices.

Professional MS Word Pet Birth Certificate Templates

Available Formats:
Available Formats:

Cute Birth Certificate for Rabbit Bunny Samples

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Available Formats:

Customizable Cat Kitten Birth Certificate Design in Microsoft Word Format

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Available Formats:

What information is provided in the official birth certificate templates?

This certificate template conveys information such as:
  1. Name of the child
  2. Location, date, and time of the birth of a child
  3. Name of parents or guardians of the child
  4. A unique certificate number
  5. A unique social security number
  6. signatures of the authority